Achieve brilliant results in minutes, avoiding hours of applying traditional waxes. Quick-N-Slick’s simple spray on/wipe in technology will outshine, outlast and protect your vehicle surface far longer than wax. Will not shift in heat or micro crack in cold like wax does! The super surface slickness aids in repelling bugs, road debris and tar. It bonds to the surface creating a detergent resistant slick coating with a brilliant shine. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust for extended period of time.

"You’ll never wax with traditional wax again"

Quick - N - Slick

  • Did you know, after a rain shower, when the sun comes out, the water droplets standing on the surface act like a miniature magnifying glass bringing intense heat to each area until they dry. Quick-N-Slick will protect your cars surface and produce a shine that

    you simply will not believe.


    • For paint, glass, chrome, polished aluminum and all painted wheels.

    • No hard work involved, spray and wipe in.

    • Produces a deep, brilliant shine within seconds of applying.

    • Allows Unprecedented Long Term Shine, Durability & Sealant.

    • Antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

    • Creates a super slick surface that bugs and tar have a hard time sticking to.

    Recommendation For Use:

    Needed: 2 microfiber towels each folded two times. For use on a clean surface.

    1. 1-2 sprays on a dry micro-fiber towel.

    2. Rub towel over area to be treated (size of a door panel).

    3. Use another clean dry microfiber towel to rub/buff area for a few seconds until you feel the slickness and see the shine

    4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until entire car is done.

    Cleaning Exterior of vehicle ( paint, wheels, windows, plastic, vinyl, chrome & more).

    1. Spray the affected area a few times.

    2. Take a clean microfiber towel and pre-wet it with a few sprays of Multi-Clean

    3. Using the pre-wet towel, wipe area until clean, spraying more if necessary.

    4. Using a clean/dry microfiber towel, wipe affected area until dry

    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all areas are done

    No Petroleum Solvents - No Listed Hazardous Materials - No VOCs’