8 oz. bottle

The Rejuvenator is 100% active super concentrate! Users will quickly find out very little goes a long way. Full size vehicles will only need a few ounces to do all the trim. User will also notice a “wet look” while the trim is completely dry to the touch almost instantly. Helps to reduce the build-up of dust when applied.

The performance of The Rejuvenator provides both a restoration treatment and a unique coating on faded/old trim for prolonged periods of time.

Trim Restorer

  • • New technology to restore trim

    • Longer lasting then others

    • 100% active ingredients in a super concentrate

    • Brings trim to like new look

    • Free of petroleum and VOCs

    Recommendation For Use:

    For use on a clean surface. We recommend a soft cloth applicator or sponge applicator available at any local supply store.

    Once area determined to treat, place a small amount of The Rejuvenator on the applicator and apply to area, until completely covered.

    Repeat process for larger areas such as bumpers, dash surface, bed liners, bug defelectors etc.