...and that's Croftgate USA!



Stuart Earp

How CroftgateUSA Got Started

     Croftgate has been in the United Kingdom, producing and selling products throughout Europe since 1998.  Due to Europe’s stringent environmental regulations, (among the strongest in the world), Croftgate went through a metamorphosis to become what it is today.

     Croftgate decided to bring a whole new technology to the United States. A high performance, eco-responsible range of waterless car care and detailing products alongside the already popular, award winning range of our low water wash and waxes, leather cleaners, compounds and polishes, made wherever and whenever possible, with no petroleum solvents and no listed hazardous ingredients.

     "Amazing! That's what everybody says!" exclaims Rick Sures, president of CroftgateUSA. "When people use our revolutionary technologies for the first time, they experience ease of use, longevity of shine, unparalleled surface protection within minutes versus hour, and are so shocked the news spreads like wild fire by word of mouth."

So Who Are We?

     We are just like you! We take pride in our vehicles and we want to use the best products available to get the job done, but we don't want to spend a fortune or have to spend hours doing it. That's why we are CroftgateUSA true-believers and this is OUR STORY! 

     Earp's Auto Detail has been in the auto detailing business since 1988. Owner/Operator Stuart Earp, met Frankie DeFeo with CroftgateUSA at Mustang Week in 2007. Stuart was the Owner/President of the Yellow Mustang Registry. Stuart has used CroftgateUSA's products ever since on his 2003 Saleen S281SC Mustang and finally reached a point to where he could became a dealer for CroftgateUSA's products. Teaming Earp's Auto Detail and CroftgateUSA together, provides customers with the ultimate detailing experience in North West North Carolina.  We offer the FINEST in surface protection from Cars to Sinks and Showers!! If it is a surface , we can clean it !!! 100 % Bio Degradable products that offer the HIGHEST in performance and protection.