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At Earp's Auto Detail we believe  that an informed customer is a happy customer. We love to speak with our customers and tell them how Croftgate auto detailing supplies can make detailing your car fun. Here are some of the questions that we are asked regularly and their answers.









  • What is the best microfiber cloth to use on my car?

  • We recommend a polyester/polyamide blend cloth with no less than 350 GSM weight for areas such as rims, tires, door jambs, engine bay and interior. We prefer a microfiber towel with no less than 420 GSM for more delicate surfaces such as paint and glass. 

    ​Our Micro Fiber Towels have a dual pile, meaning one side is shorter and looped for applying or removing product and for gently scrubbing away bugs and road grime. The longer split fibers of the reverse side are designed for sweeping away debris from more delicate surfaces and is perfect foe waterless or minimal water washes such as our AquanilAquanil X or Wash & Wax.


  • What is Multi Clean used for?

  • Multi-Clean is an all-around cleaner designed to break down bugs, stubborn road grime and grease and to remove brake dust from rims. Our Multi-Clean is also an excellent cleaner for interiors and works great at removing dirt from the dash, arm rests, door handles and steering wheel as well as removing stains from cloth seats and carpet. Multi-Clean can also be used around the house and works beautifully in the kitchen too!         

  • I want my car to be shiny. What Croftgate products do you suggest?

  • We always like to start with a clean surface, and our Wash & Wax is the best way to achieve that. Once cleaned, we recommend following up with Project X. This is a high-shine polish which also enhances the depth of color on darker vehicles. Regardless of whether Project X is used, we recommend applying Quick n Slick as the final step. It not only provides a high shine, but also repels rain, dirt and debris, preventing it from sticking to the car, preserving that high gloss shine for about 8 weeks. The Last Detail with gloss enhancers is a great shine refresher for use anytime on a clean surface. 

  • Can I use a dual action orbital polish machine with Croftgate products?

  • Yes! Using a dual action orbital polisher with our Step 1 or Step 2 Machine Grade polishes. Step One is more aggressive and recommended for highly oxidized or heavily scratched surfaces. Step Two is used after Step 1 or as a starting point on surfaces with minor water spots scratches. We also like to use dual action orbital polishing machines with our Project X to achieve a brilliant glossy wet-looking shine.

  • What Croftgate auto detailing products should I use on the show field right before judging?

  • We recommend using no less than 420 GSM microfiber cloths with either Aquanil or Aquanil X to remove any surface dust, dirt or pollen. Follow up with The Last Detail to enhance the shine and you are sure to dazzle the judges! For rims and tires, grab a 350 GSM towel to apply our Tire Shine Plus, giving your car the appearance it was just dropped onto the show field! Helpful tip: apply Tire Shine Plus one tread in on all four tires to impress the judges.

  • I have a drop top; what Croftgate products should I use to make it clean and shiny?

  • Our Wash & Wax works beautifully on both vinyl and cloth convertible tops...just be sure to wring out the microfiber towel completely when working on a cloth top. Multi-Clean or Heavy-Duty Cleaner is also a great option, especially if the cloth top has stains. Follow up with our Tire Shine Plus on vinyl tops or our Fabric Protector for cloth tops.  

  • My dash and interior needs some attention; what Croftgate products should I use?

  • For the doors, steering wheel, dash and console, we recommend cleaning with Multi-Clean and a 350 GSM microfiber. Follow up with a little Tire Shine Plus (spray onto a microfiber towel) and your interior hard surfaces will have a beautiful, velvety feel which repels dust too! This procedure can also be used on vinyl seats and, in a pinch, on leather seats, without harming the leather. 

    However, we DO recommend using our Leather Cleaner and Leather Cream Feed for proper maintenance of real leather. Designed to keep real leather soft and supple, our Leather Care products maintain the proper degree of moisture to prevent the leather from cracking and it is safe to use on any leather items. 

    For a simpler, one-step process, use our Interior Sheen in a foam dispenser to clean and protect any plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces. Interior Sheen leaves behind a satin sheen with a soft, clean fragrance. For fabric seats and door inserts, spray Croftgate's Multi-Clean onto a 350 GSM Microfiber towel to remove dirt and stains.


  • Do I have to wash and wax my car in the shade like other products I have used before?

  • Generally speaking, the answer is no. Croftgate's Wash & WaxAquanil and Quick n Slick are safe and effective to use, even in direct sunlight. However, Aquanil X and Project X perform better on a cooler surface.

  •  How often should I detail my car?

  • With Croftgate's entire line of polymer based products, less is more. Therefore you can wash and detail your vehicle as often as you wish without having to worry about significant build-up of product.

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